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Wedding Planning Course Content

A) Introduction to wedding planning

Is a classroom style that covers different elements of Wedding History, choosing and working with suppliers, pricing for your services, contracts and working with clients, and all the other things you’ll need to do to get started and begin to plan weddings.
• Role of a Wedding Planner and Consultant – Preparing a proposal and pricing your services – Working with Clients – Supplier Management – Planning, Designing and Creating Weddings – Understanding your clients’ plans

B) Wedding Day coordination:

Is a designed to take you step by step through the wedding day enabling you to experience the different activities needed of you on the day, as well as understanding the activities that need to be undertaken before the wedding day that you’ll need to do to ensure the whole day is a success.
• The Wedding Day- Roles of the Wedding Party and Traditional Duties – Golden Papers – Arrangements -The Wedding Ceremony – Ceremony Set Up – Wedding Reception Set Up – Typical Problems – Wedding Planners Emergency Kit – 10 Big mistakes.

C) Decoration Workshop:

Has been designed to give you some guidance in how to design a wedding day and transform a venue, it will include hints and tips to help you be able to create some designs with flowers and materials, to enable you to offer a thorough service and be a worthwhile pair of hands on a wedding day. It will teach you some tricks of the trade to enable you to have your own ’emergency’ displays to be used if and when necessary.

D) Marketing & PR Over view for the wedding industry:

It will help you understand how to successfully setting up your business, promote your business, work with the press, do successful interviews and make the most of social media. Running a small business – Wedding Planner public relation – Marketing Steps – Be Creative.

E) Coaching & Support:

It’s a one personal session in which you can get all your questions answer and support for your needs.

Course Details:

Duration: 10 days / 33 Hours
Language: The Course will be in English Language.
Location: Company Head Office, Bul.9- 277St. – Maadi – Cairo – Egypt.
Payment: 50% of the course fees should be paid as a deposit for booking and 50% should be paid the 1st day the course starts.

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